Augmented Libraries is a curated collection of Extended Reality (XR) content.

The purpose of this resource is to improve XR awareness of library staff by showcasing innovative examples of the technology.

Each entry is categorised as either Hardware, Software or Experience and a variety of filterable tags such as technology, theme and cost. The filters can be toggled on the left-hand side of the page or within the expandable menu on mobile devices.

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  • AR Sandbox
    Educational / AR / Experience
    An augmented reality (AR) sandbox uses a computer, projector and Microsoft Kinect to augment a standard sandpit.
  • AR Stop-Motion Animation
    Arts & Creative / AR / Experience
    Create augmented reality pictures and animations by scanning hand drawn scribbles using the app DoodleLens
  • Body Worlds Decoded
    Educational / AR / Experience
    Body Worlds Decoded puts a Silicon Valley twist on the incredible plastinated human bodies.
  • DoodleLens
    Arts & Creative / AR / Software
    DoodleLens lets you create augmented reality pictures and stop-motion animations by scanning hand drawn "doodles".
  • Drop-in VR Gaming
    Entertainment / VR / Experience
    Drop-in VR gaming is a great introduction into Virtual Reality technology that is fun and appeals to a young...
  • Google Cardboard
    VR / Hardware
    The Google Cardboard is designed to be the cheapest way to experience virtual reality by utilising smartphone devices. Google...
  • Google Earth VR
    Tourism / VR / Software
    Ten years ago, Google Earth began as an effort to help people everywhere explore our planet. And now, with...
  • HTC Vive
    VR / Hardware
    The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve. The headset uses "room scale" tracking...
  • Insta360 One X
    360° / Hardware
    The Insta360 One X is a portable 4k camera that is capable of filming in 360 degrees. This means...
  • Insta360 One X App
    360° / Software
    The Insta360 One X app allows you to edit and stream footage straight from a Insta360 camera to a...
  • Mobile Device
    AR / Hardware
    Most modern day mobile devices have the capability of using augmented reality, viewing 360 ° video or virtual...
  • MR Capture Studio
    MR / Experience
    A mixed reality (MR) capture studio can record 3D (volumetric) video through a special depth sensing camera. This captured...
  • Oculus Go
    VR / Hardware
    The Go is an untethered all-in-one headset, meaning it contains all the necessary components to display graphics and doesn't...
  • Oculus Quest
    VR / Hardware
    The Oculus Quest is an all-in-one virtual reality headset capable of 6 degrees of movement using cameras embedded in...
  • Oculus Rift
    VR / Hardware
    Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is designed to connect to a high-powered PC to enable advanced...
  • Playstation VR
    VR / Hardware
    The PlayStation VR (officially abbreviated as PS VR) is a virtual reality headset developed by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • SculptrVR
    Arts & Creative / VR / Software
    Create smooth, polygonal, and cubey sculptures and worlds of any size.
  • VR Sculpt to 3D Print
    Arts & Creative / VR / Experience
    Use virtual reality sculpting program SculptrVR to create 3D models for 3D printing.
  • Wander
    Tourism / VR / Software
    Wander the world openly through the magic of VR. From the comfort of your living room you can teleport...
  • YouTube
    360° / Software
    360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction...