AR Stop-Motion Animation

In this experience participants learn how to create augmented reality animations by scanning their hand drawn scribbles using the app DoodleLens. The experience is a great introduction to augmented reality by combining new technologies with traditional drawing skills. The components required for this experience are a mobile device, the DoodleLens app, paper and black markers.

Using the DoodleLens app you can scan drawings and place them into the world through augmented reality. This works best with drawings that have a high contract such as black marker on white paper, although the app can also recognise coloured drawings.

Scanning multiple drawings allows you to create “frames” that will play in a sequence to form an animation. DoodleLens allows you to place these animations and still frames in a scene with each one “anchored” to a position in physical space. Place these around a room to create an animated story based on where the viewer is looking.

Portability is high as the experience can run on most modern mobile devices and requires only a small amount of external materials.

Spatial requirements will vary with group size but generally one seat and desk space per participant.

Can be ran with a single device per participant or groups can work together to create animations for a collaborative story.

Suitable for ages 8+ this experience requires basic drawing and mobile device skills.

This experience would require one staff member or volunteer to provide materials and assist participants.

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