Drop-in VR Gaming

Drop-in VR gaming is a great introduction into Virtual Reality technology that is fun and appeals to a young audience. In the images above at the Evergreen Library in San Jose, VR drop-in sessions are ran in the teen area on a casual basis. The sessions are assisted by a teen volunteer who manages the setup and teaches others.

This experience uses a VR headset and controllers to completely immerse the user in a virtual world. Typical headsets include the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

This experiences focuses on entertainment through video games, popular games available on virtual reality platforms include Minecraft VR, Beatsaber and Job Simulator

Virtual reality gaming often requires a powerful external computer to run high quality gaming experiences that are attached to a VR headset via HDMI cable. The external computer can be a housed in a case or laptop, combine this with sensors and a screen makes portability low. At the Evergreen Library the system is mounted on a movable frame making setup much faster.

Video games that allow the player to move within a fixed space suggest a size of 3×3 metres.

A single user experience per VR setup with the option of connecting a monitor to display the users point of view. This allows the audience to join in on the experience and makes giving instructions much easier.

Most VR equipment used for drop-in gaming suggests a minimum user age of 13, we suggest this experience will be suitable for ages 13 – 21yrs. Supervision should be taken to ensure the participant meets the video games classification guidelines.

This experience would require one staff member or volunteer to setup the equipment, take bookings and guide new users.

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